Best 20 Cooking Tips from chef Gordon Ramsay


Chef Gordon Ramsay knows everything about cooking. For example, he knows exactly how to best flavor a dish and he knows how to make various culinary delights down to the last detail. Gordon Ramsay regularly shares cooking tips that make life a little easier and the dishes a little tastier. We have listed the 20 best tips from the 55-year old chef for you.

Add a spring onion to your mashed potatoes

Gordon Ramsay gives his mashed potatoes more spice by stirring in no fewer than three chopped spring onions. In addition, add a little whipped cream and butter and you have a mashed potato to die for. Impress your guests or yourself with this easy way to make mashed potatoes a little more special.

Unripe fruit? Put it in a paper bag with a banana

The hassle of having to wait a long time for your unripe fruit to be ready to eat is a thing of the past. Gordon Ramsay has a tip on what to do when you have bought fruit that is not yet ripe. “You have to put a banana in a paper bag along with the unripe fruit. Put the bag in a dark place and the banana will make your other fruit ripen faster.” This tip was shared on the chef’s own YouTube channel. We’ve tried it out and it is a lifesaver!

Pull the leaf of a pineapple to check if the fruit is already ripe

A pineapple is of course the best when it is well ripe, but how can you easily check this? All you have to do is pull the leaf at the top of the pineapple. Does it come off easily? Then your pineapple is ripe. Is it difficult for you to pull the leaf off? Then your pineapple is not quite ripe yet.

Cut hot peppers? Wash your hands with lemon juice

Just washing your hands after cutting a pepper will not get you there. The juices are still there in your hands and when you touch your face later in the day you will feel it. That burning sensation will last for a while. To prevent is better than to cure. Gordon Ramsay says you can prevent this burning sensation by washing your hands with lemon juice. Washing your hands with lemon juice after cutting a pepper neutralizes the sharpness and prevents the burning sensation from spreading. So when you go to rub your eyes later, the lemon juice will have prevented them from burning.

Add crème frache to your beaten eggs for the best result

Gordon Ramsay has tested many recipes during his time as a student, in his quest find the recipe for the best scrambled eggs. The chef eventually came to the conclusion that the eggs taste best when you cook them in a saucepan with some crème frache and butter. Try it out for yourself and be amazed!


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