Eat These Foods To Prevent Heart Problems

You make your heart a lot healthier with this

High blood pressure and heart problems are very common in the Netherlands. It is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle such as wrong diet, too much alcohol, smoking and too little exercise. Wrong food is easy to get around. In fact, you can even eat foods that can prevent heart problems.


Heart problems can have several causes. One of them, for example, is too high a cholesterol level. Although at first glance high cholesterol does not cause any symptoms, it is actually bad for your health. An increased cholesterol, and then we are talking about the bad LDL cholesterol, can lead to a heart attack, other cardiovascular diseases and gallstones. It is therefore important to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level. These foods can help you do so.

We list all the foods you can eat to make your heart healthier below.


A moderate intake of coffee (i.e. 1 to 2 cups per day) significantly improves blood circulation; studies show that after drinking a cup of coffee, blood flow increased by 30 percent. And better circulation prevents heart failure, among others.

Dark chocolate

A moderate intake of dark chocolate protects your heart and blood vessels. Cocoa keeps your blood pressure and cholesterol under control and stimulates blood circulation, which in turn has good effects on your heart.


Salmon contains omega-3 fats that your body does not naturally contain but are very important for you. Eating oily fish twice a week dilutes the blood and creates better circulation. As a result, you are less likely to suffer from heart failure.


Among other things, turmeric keeps veins from clogging and stimulates blood circulation. And if your circulation is good, it also prevents a blood clot from reaching your heart, for example.


Speaking of apples, they too are fantastic at lowering cholesterol. However, then you have to eat the skin, because it contains an antioxidant that keeps your blood flowing well and lowers cholesterol. Also fruits like grapes, strawberries and citrus fruits are great to eat if you want to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level.


Several studies have shown that nuts are incredibly healthy. For example, the monounsaturated fatty acids in pecans contribute to healthy cholesterol levels. Also, pecans contain beta-carotene and vitamin E, both of which have anti-inflammatory effects. And what about walnuts? These nuts are shaped like brains, which they also happen to be very good for! Not only that, one handful of walnuts a week can already reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 19 percent. Eat them on their own or in your yogurt, salad or soup.

Black beans

Beans, but especially black beans, are rich in soluble fiber. In addition, they take your body a while to digest, so you feel full longer. This is one of the reasons why black beans are so suitable for people who want to lose weight and for people with high cholesterol.

Olives and olive oil

No wonder people in the Mediterranean area are so healthy: olives and olive oil are high in monounsaturated fatty acids that bring down cholesterol. Other vegetable oils such as sunflower oil or rapeseed oil can also help keep cholesterol at a healthy level.  If your cholesterol is up to par, you’re less likely to have problems with your heart!

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