Former Sri Lankan captain said – Sri Lankan players should leave IPL, it’s time to stand with the country

Captain Arjun Ranatunga, who won the World Cup for Sri Lanka, has said that Sri Lankan players should leave the IPL and support their country. Players like Bhanuka Rajapakse, Vanindu Hasaranga and Dushmanta Chamira are included in the IPL.

Former Sri Lankan cricketer and minister Arjun Ranatunga has appealed to the players of Sri Lanka to leave the IPL and stand with the country in the time of financial crisis. Sri Lanka is currently facing a difficult economic crisis. There is a huge shortage of fuel and food. A large number of people are being affected by this. After the arrival of the Corona epidemic, the economy here has fallen continuously and now it has completely collapsed.

Ranatunga said, “I don’t know, but there are many players, who are playing in IPL with pride and not speaking anything about their country. Unfortunately people are afraid to speak against the government. These players come under the government. Those who work for the cricket board and are afraid of losing their jobs. Now they also need to take a step, as many young players have also come forward and spoke in support of the movement.”

अर्जुन राणातुंगा Photo: ANI

It is necessary to raise voice against wrong
Ranatunga further said that when something wrong is happening, then you should have the courage to speak against it. In such a situation, do not think about your business. People ask me why I am not joining the movement. The reason for this is that I have been in politics for the last 19 years and no politicians are involved in this movement. This is not a political issue. Now no political party or politician has become a part of the movement. This is the biggest strength of the people of this country.

Sri Lanka’s Vanindu Hasaranga and Bhanuka Rajapakse have given statements in support of the movement.

Arjun said that I am sure that you know which players are playing IPL. I will not take any names, but I want them to leave their work for a week and come here and be a part of the movement.

Sri Lanka’s economy deteriorated during the Corona period
The tourism industry, which is the biggest contributor to Sri Lanka’s economy, was hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. There is also a shortage of foreign exchange in Sri Lanka. Because of this, there is a problem in the import of fuel and food. Sri Lanka has to take loans from friendly nations due to lack of basic things. Due to the economic conditions, there is a big agitation in the country, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

At the same time, in his address to the nation, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on Monday said that people need to maintain restraint and do not take to the streets so that the government can control the situation.

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