Top 7 Incredible Tricks with Water

Water can be used to perform some impressive and entertaining tricks that often defy our expectations and showcase the fascinating properties of this everyday substance. Here are some incredible tricks with water:

07. Water Fireworks

Water Fireworks: Fill a shallow dish or a plate with water, and carefully add a few drops of different colored food coloring into the center of the dish. Then, dip a cotton swab in dish soap and touch it to the food coloring drops. The soap will disrupt the surface tension, causing the food coloring to disperse and create a beautiful “firework” effect.

Water Fireworks

06. Magic Ink Revealer

Magic Ink Revealer: Write or draw a secret message on a piece of paper using a white crayon or a white candle. Then, dip a paintbrush into watercolor paint and brush it over the paper. As the paint covers the paper, the previously invisible message will appear, revealed by the water resisting the wax or crayon.

Magic Ink Revealer

05. Water Bending with Static Electricity

Water Bending with Static Electricity: Using a comb or a balloon, you can create static electricity and bend a stream of water from a tap or a faucet. Turn on the tap so that a thin stream of water is flowing, then bring the charged comb or balloon near the stream. The static charge will cause the water to bend and follow the path of the charged object.

Magic Ink Revealer

04. Walking Water

Walking Water: This experiment demonstrates capillary action and how water can move against gravity. Take three clear cups and fill the outer two cups with colored water. Place an empty cup in between them and insert paper towels or strips of fabric into the cups so that one end is in the colored water and the other end is in the empty cup. Over time, you’ll observe the water “walking” through the paper towels and filling the empty cup, seemingly defying gravity.

Walking Water

03. Magic Water Tornado

Magic Water Tornado: By using a plastic bottle and some strategic swirling, you can create a vortex or water tornado effect inside the bottle. To perform this trick, fill the bottle halfway with water, add some glitter or small objects for better visibility, and then swirl the bottle in a circular motion. The swirling motion creates a water vortex that looks like a miniature tornado.

Magic Water Tornado

02. Water Suspension

Water Suspension: With the right combination of air pressure and surface tension, it’s possible to suspend a full glass of water upside down without spilling a single drop. The trick often involves using a card or coaster to seal the mouth of the glass before inverting it carefully. The card prevents the water from escaping due to the opposing forces of gravity and surface tension.

Water Suspension

01. Water Defying Gravity

Water Defying Gravity: This trick involves pouring water into an upside-down glass or container and then removing the glass without spilling the water. This is achieved by using a card or a piece of plastic wrap to cover the opening of the glass while holding the water in place. When the glass is turned upside down, the card or plastic wrap prevents the water from falling out due to air pressure.

Water Defying Gravity

Remember that some of these tricks involve using household items or common scientific principles. Always exercise caution and use appropriate materials to ensure safety and avoid any potential hazards. These tricks can be entertaining and educational, making them great for science demonstrations, kids’ activities, or even just for impressing friends and family.

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