10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

The German Shepherds are a breed of working dog from Germany. While this dog does look very similar to a wolf, it is a very modern breed of dog that only dates back to 1899. As their name suggests, they were originally used for sheep herding. However, they are currently used for a variety of jobs due to their high intelligence and trainability.

They are a moderately active breed that does require some daily exercise. However, they are not as energetic as some of the other large, working dogs. They are very trainable and tend to bond closely with their people. If they aren’t properly socialized, they can be overprotective of their family and aggressive. They are not inclined to be friendly towards everyone, so socialization is necessary.

This dog is generally healthy, though some in the show strain are starting to develop back problems. This is a bit of controversy and has led to a re-writing of the breed standard to avoid strange back forms.

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