10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

As the most popular dog in the United States, the Labrador Retriever is loved by very many people. They aren’t exactly very exotic-looking dogs, but they are very balanced. These dogs are known to be outgoing and kind. They are friendly with just about everyone and intelligent enough to be used in many different working environments.

They are an even-tempered breed that makes a good family dog. They are often considered to get along well with children and even other animals. They don’t have an incredibly high prey drive, which makes them suitable for homes with other pets, like cats. Because they are working dogs, they do need quite a bit of exercise. They do best in active families.

This breed usually lives over 12 years, though many dog breeds live longer. They usually start greying around the muzzle around the age of 8. They are prone to some health problems but are typically pretty healthy dogs.

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