10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

Many consider Siberian Huskies to be some of the most beautiful dogs out there. Their bright blue eyes and fluffy coat easily put them on the top of most lists. They have a double coat with erect ears and very distinctive markings.

However, this often leads many people to adopt them for their looks alone. We do not recommend this dog for first-time owners, though. They are extremely active and require quite a bit of exercise. They also have a tendency to be quite stubborn. They are not very trainable, though they are intelligent. Instead, they tend to ignore commands when they are given and do their own thing. Their intelligence can also get them in trouble. They will figure out how to open cabinets and even doors. They are often intelligent exactly when you don’t want them to be.

However, they are great dogs. Many people absolutely love their personalities, but they can be a bit difficult to take care of

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