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Today I will tell you how to use png image in Picsart

You are Welcome in my photo editing world. I’m “Who always bring lots of new photo editing tricks and tips .I’m also share with you lot of png & background And these you can easily download and use in your concept and make better photo.
I’m always sharing my ideas and try my best how you can be a better EDITOR.

Now let’s get to the basics
png is an important issue without which your photo editing can never take shape. You can’t avoid it even if you want to. It will work for you. Because after using png, your editing becomes so beautiful that it can’t be finished.
• Many people say that the image can be edited without using png.
Yes! Yes, but it may not take 10% edit.
But in most cases you have to use png.
Then you can understand how important png is for photo editing.

There are many other things that are very important for photo editing – background, color correction panel, presets, photo editing apps and etc,

I said these are just what it takes for PNG photo editing, but the main thing is that you have to work hard, you have to work hard, because photo editing is not so easy, it takes a lot of time to edit a photo. People think that – editing can be very easy,

★ Yes! You can edit but you will not be able to understand the value of that editing. In all cases, you have to be very patient in all kinds of work, not just photo editing. Because the quality of the work you do in a short time will be much higher, because no work quickly will bring good results. Photo editing seems like an art, there are artists doing photo editing with the sweetness of their minds, behind any photo editing there is hard work, you must have heard the story of the rabbit and the tortoise, if you have heard it you will understand, but not in words –
” slow and steady wins the race”

You know Snapseed is a photo-editing application it’s easy to use  . you can download easily.its available on play store free.
So let’s see how to you make it!

First of all add your photo on Snapseed.
Now you select pen icon and select tone image. Basically toon images very effective For every Photo Editing concept.so comes to main point after tap tone image effect

Main part of this Editing satution.it must be kept -100  . otherwise will not work. So you kept mind it.

Suppose you clicked a photo, but you did not like the view behind that photo, so now you want to change the background of the photo or you want to put a favorite place in the background behind your photo, then you must use background, then in this case You must have background,
But think many years ago people had a lot of interest two to three years ago, but now people’s interest in it has decreased, people now just edit photos by color correction, I also say that editing by color correction is much more realistic and better, But it’s not that you don’t use background for photo editing, you can make photo ending realistic without adding extra breakdown if you have good editing skills,

However, I would suggest that if you are new to this editing world, you should not use the background, but just edit the color correction, because in the new situation, the background cannot be added perfectly for photo editing.
To add background you must first cut-out the image character. But in the new situation, this work is hard work, so I asked you to do color correction and editing.


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