PixelLab: An App That Makes It Very Easy To Insert Text On Top Of Your Images

Easily add any sort of text that you want to the photos you take, including inspirational quotes and custom fonts

An Overview of PixelLab

Every modern smartphone makes it very easy to take all the pictures you want and also formats it well for loading on various social media sites. However, when it comes to customizing those photos by adding text elements, most users need to send their photos through another program. PixelLab is an application that allows users to save a lot of time and space by adding text directly to their photos.

This app was developed and released by Imagine Studio. This special application is specifically for Android and will not work with any other platform, but you can find versions of PixelLab that will work as image editors for iOS and also for Mac and PC desktops. The Android app is currently on its first version and it comes at 11mb, so it’s fairly small and lightweight for what it does.

What Is PixelLab ?

The Pixel Lab application is an Android app that can be used as an easy way to draw, add simple and 3D text and stickers for free. However, if you are ready to learn how to use Pixelb then you are at the right place. The main focus of the Pixel Lab app was to write text on pictures but in addition, it has a lot of features that can enhance the image much more than you expected.

Pixelab helps create 3D text and place it on top of your images or make it stand out in cool photos. It also provides lots of customization effects like padding, coloring, stroke, shadow, emboss, reflection and more. You can either choose the font or install the font of your choice in Pixel Lab. You can adjust the background of the image in Pixel Lab as well as change its color to any of your preferences.

pixalab provides a lot of customization in pictures. You can easily use effects and customize your photos. You can also add stickers to the pixel lab of your choice. Sketching of images is also available in this application as well as resizing, rotation and some additional options are available. You can use the export option to save the image of your choice according to the demand of your pixels and size. The last but not least option is to create a logo on Pixel Lab.

PixelLab has made photo editing, blending, drawing and writing text on pictures very easy. A clean and simple interface with a wide selection of presets, fonts, backgrounds and over 60 unique options enables users to design stunning graphics and edit photos with a professional finish to draw their ideas on the screen.

How To Use PixelLab

  • Pixel Lab is present on the play store from which you can download the application free.
  • Now open the app you will see an interface so now if you want to upload a picture in the background click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of pixelab.
  • Once you click on it you will get the option of “Use image from the gallery” or “Use image from the camera” you can use any one according to your requirement.
  • Now this app can be used to make text pictures it’s simple you need to click on the option “A icon” that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once you click on it you will get the “Edit” option to edit the text then write whatever you want to write on the background image.
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