45 डिग्री की गर्मी में खाना डिलीवर करने पहुंचा टीचर, भावुक हुए यूजर्स ने इतने लाख रुपए की मदद

The summer is breaking records this year. But there are many people whose work even the weather cannot become a wall in front of them. A similar case has come to the fore. In which the teacher reached by riding a hot cycle to deliver the food on time. Seeing his passion, internet users became emotional and money started pouring in to help this teacher.

It is getting very hot in the month of April. In this season, where even sitting inside the house is becoming difficult, in this scorching heat, a delivery man arrived on a cycle to deliver the food on time. Internet users also became emotional after seeing the spirit of this deliveryman. This deliveryman is a teacher, who delivers food to the customer on time, despite facing the heat of the sun and heat. He had to deliver cold cold drinks and food to the customer on time, which is why he took out his cycle, regardless of the heat, and hurriedly set out to deliver.

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This deliveryman is a resident of Rajasthan. Even the scorching heat falling in the state could not weaken the spirit of its work. This is the reason why internet users are praising this deliveryman fiercely. Not only praise, but a helping hand has also gone ahead.

He told in his post- ‘Today my order was delivered on time. The surprising thing is that the delivery boy came by bicycle.’ He further wrote- ‘The temperature of my city is 42 degrees, even after this I got my order on time.’

Durgashankar is a teacher by profession

Aditya has shared the story of delivery boy Durgashankar Meena by tweeting the thread. He told that Durga Shankar B. com. and was a teacher of English in a private school for 12 years.

Lost job in Corona and started doing food delivery

After losing his job in Corona, he started earning money by becoming a Zomato delivery boy. Since he still gives online tuition, the installment of the laptop purchased by him is also deducted from his salary of 10 thousand.
Users put a flurry of money for help

Durga Shankar says that they do 10-12 deliveries of the day. In such a situation, getting a bike will make their work a little easier. Knowing this, the process of crowd funding started on Durgashankar’s UPI. Within just 3 hours people gave him 1.5 lakh rupees.

He needed 75 thousand rupees for a bike, but now he can not only take the bike, but can also use it for the need. This also includes laptops etc.

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