Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in USA 2023

9. Air Traffic Controller

You make a good salary with benefits, but the work schedule can be inconsistent. Working for the federal government comes with a good salary, and paid leave and health insurance. According to the FAA, the average annual salary for a controller in 2021 was $138,556.

A qualified, FAA air traffic controller has an average salary of $138,871. Now, it does vary based on location. Naturally, larger airports with more inbound and outbound flights requires more attention, which in turn increases the average salary. Those just starting off in the field can expect a salary of around $51,000 while that can boost up to nearly $200,000. It is a very stressful job and hundreds of thousands of lives are in the hands of these people every single day. Of all the professionals on this list, more lives are dependent on a quality air traffic controller than anyone else.

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