Top 10 Foods To Fight Visceral Belly Fat (Burn Belly Fat & Lose Fast)

7. Fat-Fighting Food Number 7. “Pasture-Raised Dairy”

Today, I’m going to tell you about the fat-burning foods you should be eating every day to sculpt a healthy, beautiful body. You will discover how certain foods can “flip the switch” on your body’s fat-burning genes, stoke your metabolic furnace and even target dangerous and unsightly belly fat!

Studies have linked high-quality dairy products to healthy weight management, mainly because of the calcium-protein combination.

To give your dairy even more fat-burning potential, select pasture-raised dairy products. Free range cows produce milk that is of higher quality.

The protein in dairy has a higher thermic effect than carbs or fats, meaning it boosts your metabolic rate. The protein-fat combination also reduces cravings and helps you keep lean muscle mass.

So if a firm, flat stomach is something you desire, make sure you’re getting a dose of dairy consistently in your diet.

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